Robox materials are supplied on a SmartReel which holds data about temperature settings, print speed, diameter and even the amount of filament which has been used on that reel. As a user this makes printing very easy, you load the filament and AutoMaker will automatically change to the settings saved on the reel. Robox currently allows users to print in PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PC and PVA but we are constantly testing more materials. Data on materials and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available on our materials page and will be revised and added to as information becomes available. Each release of AutoMaker™ includes the latest filament profiles for each filament, these are updated automatically when an unmodified Robox SmartReel is loaded. We and our users can also share the Filament profiles we create for materials not supplied on a SmartReel, these Filament Profiles are text files ending with “.roboxfilament”. Robox is able to use filament from any brand, we do not lock you into our SmartReel system. Obviously better quality filaments will give consistent results. To use another 1.75mm diameter filament you can just feed it in and tell Robox to get the filament data from a file rather than reading a SmartReel. You can download this file or create your own by copying the default Robox profiles and editing them within AutoMaker or via a text editor. You can also write your saved .roboxfilament data to a SmartReel at any time. Empty SmartReels may be returned to CEL-UK for credit using this form